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Thailand Budget 2023

Travel to Thailand budget 2023 from our experinces.

My husband and I live in Denmark and we recently traveled to Bangkok from Copenhagen. We are happy to share with you how much we paid for this trip: one week in Nakhon Sawan (A countryside province) and one week in Bangkok (Capital) in March 2023.

Firstly, we booked plane tickets last year in August 2022 (About 7 months before fly), it costs 5,700 dkk per person with Thai Airways fly directly from Copenhagen to Bangkok.

For accommodation, we booked hotel for a week in Nakhon Sawan for 1,260 dkk and a week in Bangkok is about 2,000 dkk. Our fixed costs are the plan tickets and accommodation which are 11,400+1,260+2,000=14,660 dkk

Other expense; transportation cost, eating cost, make merit cost, salon cost, shopping, entrance cost to temples in Bangkok, and one day trip in Ayuttaya with renting a motorbike. All costs approximately 8,000 dkk = 40,000 baht

All we spent is approximately 22,600 dkk =113,300 baht for two weeks in Thailand.

All expense depends on each person lifestyle but for us it was about this amount. I hope it benefits those who are planing to Thailand. Feel free to ask anything you wonder about going to Thailand :) Have a great holiday!!

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