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"Everyone has their own stories which have been shape 'you' to become you today..."

Updated: Jan 22

I am a countryside Thai girl who living about 250 km. north from Bangkok.

I am a big sister growing up in incomplete family, my dad passed away when I was 6 years old. I was in shocked since then and become a shy and not talkative kid.

When I was 12 years old I was sent to boarding school and grow up there for 6 years. That 6 years in the boarding school, I was learning to be the survivor in the school but not in the world. I learnt to take care myself such as washing my own clothes by hand, ironing my clothes, cooking and cleaning etc. One thing that I try to understand is why do I have to be in that school where it is look like a cage. We are not allow to use the phone, internet, and anything to entertain us.

The things that we can do to contact our family are writing the letter to family (which the teachers have to read first before send them or get them) and can be picked up by parents one a month ( except you are doing wrong, the punishment would be not allow to go home). However, I passed those 6 years and try to understand that I was there because my family cannot afford my education outside (that school is much cheaper than normal school) and for my safety from outside world. All in all, I am appraised those 6 years which teach me to be a big fighter women!

When it’s time to choose the university, I chose the one that I wanted to learn proper English.

My family does not support me because it is far from our home (about 700 km.) but I definitely believe in myself and trust my own instinct that it’s going be a good decision!

Although the tuition fee is very expensive I need to loan money from Thai government to study for 4 years because my family cannot support me for all the fee but they help me mostly for my living cost. So I need to work as welll while I was studying in university. There are many things I did to get some extra money to study; for example, selling brownie cakes at the open market, sell the cosmetic products online, working at restaurant and hotel, and translating English-Thai/Thai-English jobs.

4 years in university, I was educated until I can communicate in English and learnt to suvive in the outside world. I have to learn how to use the computer, internet, and much more that I was miss out in thoes 6 years. However, I managed to live with them.

All thoes 4 years in university I was starting to have the idea to live aboard for a long period for once in a lifetime since my major is English and I learnt a lot about cultural differences, globalization, and much more.

In 2020 same year I graduated and COVID pandamic!, I decided to join an exchange program (Au pair) in Denmark and also working online as translator and Aupair/visa consultant as well. Until now I decided to live in denmark with my danish husband.

I would say I pretty have a hard life throughout all those years that I was incomplete, disappointed, and hopeless.

However, I have learnt that you can choose what to focus in life: positive? or negative? It’s you who will decide it!

I chose to appreciated all the stories that happened to me for the reasons to become the strong me today! Thank you for beautiful meaningful life!

If you are looking for someone to talk about au pair program, danish visa for Thai people, and Thai-English translator. Feel free to contact me!

I am experienced au pair, danish visa, and married process in Denmark!

Thank you all my customers and all followers on my Youtube, Facebook Page, Instagram who always support me, they're means a lot to me! LOVE!

January, 22nd 2023 Nina's Journey

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